AT&T’s Watch TV app is the best deal in the world

AT&t Watch TV is the only streaming TV app that doesn’t require an internet connection to watch video content, AT&’t says.

It’s also the cheapest.

The app is available for $29.99.

It also includes AT&ts own network DirecTV Now and Hulu Plus.

It doesn’t include HBO GO, HBO Now, Showtime, or any other services.AT&t says it has made the app “the fastest-growing TV streaming app” in the past year.

AT&s Watch TV, which is available on Android and Apple TV, has more than 5 million users.

The new app was built by AT&Ts engineering team and is open source, AT &ts CEO Randall Stephenson said.

AT &t says Watch TV’s feature set is comparable to Netflix and HBO Go.

Watch TV offers access to over 100 hours of live TV, including the most popular channels and streaming shows from AT&tl.

ATs customers can also stream live content from Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV.

Watch tv has been downloaded more than 300 million times, Stephenson said in an AT& t earnings call today.

WatchTV’s focus is on “building a great experience for customers and creators,” he said.

Watch TVs apps can be accessed for free in the Google Play store.

Development Is Supported By

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