Fossil watch says ‘I don’t want to die’

Fossil watches have been known to say ‘I’m not going to die,’ or other similar statements that are not intended to be taken literally.

But when the watch is equipped with a built-in heart rate monitor, it is the wearer who is actually dying.

The watch’s maker, Fossil, says the heart rate data will help the wearer monitor their overall health, which will help them make better decisions about the quality of their health care.

A watch’s built-ins heart rate sensor detects heart rate changes as a wearer moves.

Watch manufacturers are increasingly using the data to help their own consumers, and the Swiss watch maker says it wants to be the first to use it to help others.

Fossil Watch CEO Simon Wieser told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on Wednesday that the company is exploring the possibility of using its data to develop smart products.

“We’ve got to find the best ways to integrate it into our own devices,” he said.

“And to develop products that will be of use to people who are sick.”

He said he is currently working with Canadian researchers on ways to use the data for medical applications, but declined to elaborate on the projects.

The heart rate monitoring is not intended as a replacement for regular heart-rate monitoring devices, which typically collect data about the wearer’s heart rate and other health metrics.

Instead, it helps to monitor the wearer as they move around, as well as the activity and breathing of the wearer.

The data collected from the watch will help to help users monitor their health.

A person’s heart is a complex organ that pumps blood throughout the body.

It contains about 400 different types of cells, many of which are specialized to work together.

Fossils heart rate sensors are embedded in its watches movements.

They work like a sensor on a smartwatch, but can also be placed in a watch case or a strap around the wrist.

Fossimobiles watch uses a sensor inside the case, and can be used to track movement and heart rate.

A heart rate indicator on the Fossimobile Watch, as seen on a display in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.

FossiWatch uses an integrated sensor and a heart rate display to monitor heart rate, blood pressure and other vital information about a wearer.

It was created by Swiss watchmaker Fossil in 2008.

The company has also released a wearable fitness tracker, FossiFit, that uses the heart-monitoring data.

Watch makers and consumers have been trying to figure out how to use heart-rating data to improve health care, including by developing health apps that are able to provide better information about the health of people at risk.

In the U.S., the Federal Trade Commission has said the use of the heart data in health care can be harmful, and in 2014, the American Heart Association said that health care providers are increasingly being asked to provide data about a person’s health status in order to offer more information about their health to consumers.

Watchmaker Fossi said it plans to introduce a wristband-like device that is compatible with Fossi’s heart-measuring heart-beat sensor in early 2018.

Fossigear has also said it is developing an app that can be worn around the body to monitor how a wearer is performing.

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