How to fix your child’s ADHD symptoms and get help for them at the same time: ‘Ben 10’ co-creator

Ben 10 co-creators J.J. Abrams and Justin Timberlake will be back on the show next week to talk about the series finale.

But the pair are keeping mum about how much they’re planning to share about the episode.

Here’s what you need to know about the finale.


Ben 10 is back for more: “The Ben 10 finale is not a spoiler alert,” Abrams told Entertainment Weekly.

“This episode will not spoil anything.”

So what’s the takeaway from the episode?

“This is a finale that’s really good.

This is a big finale.

This finale is just a big one.”

“Ben 10” is about a group of kids in the midst of a war.

They have to make the ultimate decision, to go back to the school and live with their parents or to stay with their friends.

The kids are separated by age and by sex.

Abrams says they’ll be in their element when the season finale airs on March 30, 2018.

“I think we’ll see a lot of the characters come back and be like, ‘We’re not going to have this life.

We’re not gonna be around anymore.

We’ve gotta do something else,'” Abrams told EW.

“It’s not like this is some sort of grand scheme.

It’s really not.

It has a purpose.

We have to learn to trust each other.

We need to learn how to be strong in the face of adversity.

It is not just about me or Justin Timberland or anybody else.

It will be about these kids and this family and this country.”

In a statement, Timberlake said: “We are very excited to finally see Ben and his family again in the flesh.

We are also thrilled to see Ben’s team back together once again, but this time it’s with the love and care of his family and friends.

We know Ben will be bringing the heart of Ben 10 with him to the finale, and we are excited to see him join the Ben 10 family.”


Ben’s mother is a super-secret superhero: “This will be the first time that Ben will have a mother figure,” Abrams said.

“The show is really about the relationships that exist in a family, and so you’ll be seeing more of that throughout the series.”

Abrams also revealed that his mother, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is a “super-secret” superhero.

“She is not the stereotypical superhero, but she has a really unique power,” Abrams shared.

“One of the things that you see in the first two episodes of season one, is she has super-powers and that she can actually do this and this and that and she’s just a super woman.

It feels like it’s going to be a really exciting season.”


Ben and Laura will be reunited: The duo have a very special relationship.

“When I first came on board with Ben 10, I was like, you’re just going to do Ben 10 and you’re going to make Ben 10,” Abrams explained.

“And then we had this meeting and I was just like, You know what?

We’ve got to have Laura and Ben.

You know, you can’t just put it down.

So I got to thinking, Let’s make a Ben 10 reunion.

I was totally like, It’s not even a question of a reunion, it’s a necessity.

It would be great if we could have a reunion.”

“I want to do a Ben and a Laura reunion.

We will have to get a permit,” Abrams added.


Laura will make a cameo in Ben 10: “There’s going, ‘Oh, this is awesome,'” Abrams said of Laura’s cameo.

“Her character is very much the same character as Laura and we were really excited to do this for this story.”


Ben will fight alongside Laura: “Ben is going to become Laura’s friend,” Abrams teased.

“We’re really excited that Laura is coming back, and I think Ben is going with her to fight alongside her.”

“That’s one of the big things that we were looking for with Laura’s character,” Abrams continued.

“In season one we really felt that she was really, really special in this show.

She was the one that got the best out of all the characters.

She had this whole other thing going on that we wanted to capture.

So, I think this is the time where Laura really, truly, has a true friendship with Ben.

That’s a big thing that’s going on in this season, which is, I’m going to fight with him.

I’m gonna help Ben fight.

He’s going with Laura.

It’ll be really interesting.”


Ben has a secret identity: “It feels like we are finally at the heart and the heartland of the Ben and Sarah Michelle character,” he said.

Ben is not going by his real name, so fans will have more to go on about.

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