Why Apple Watch Edition is the best Android Wear watch available today

A few months ago, the Apple Watch had become the new standard for wearable technology.

Now, Apple Watch is the newest Android Wear device, and it’s not the first time that’s happened.

But there’s a lot more to Apple Watch than the standard, waterproof case.

While it may not be the most technically advanced smartwatch, Apple has been working on a watch that will rival and surpass the Android Wear platform.

And its latest effort is the Apple watch.

And now that it’s here, the company is introducing a new version of the device.

The Apple Watch 2.0 is available now, and while it’s still not quite as polished as the original Apple Watch, it’s a good start.

It’s got more hardware to go around, and the software has been overhauled to support the latest smartwatch features, including the Apple Pay, Apple Health, and Apple Pay Direct support.

The new Apple Watch comes with the Apple AirPods, a new AirPano camera that can capture video and photos with a second camera, and a new “App Store” for apps to be integrated into the watch.

The watch itself, however, is not nearly as good as the previous version.

Apple’s first foray into smartwatch technology wasn’t a success.

Apple released a Watch app called the “Warmest” last year, which offered a more polished interface and more functionality.

Apple Watch didn’t really catch on, and even the company itself didn’t get on board with the app.

In fact, it was pulled from the App Store for a while.

Apple says it’s finally making the transition to a new smartwatch design and it will launch a new Apple watch in October.

Apple was quick to say that the Apple Wat is the “next generation of smartwatch.”

Apple Watch was initially planned for a release in early 2019, but that date was pushed back due to the fact that the first version of this new watch is still in the early stages.

Now that it is officially released, the new Apple Wat will arrive at your door the week of October 12, 2019.

We’re not entirely sure when this watch will arrive in stores, but we’ll let you know when it does.

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