La Gazzetta dello Sport: Apple Watch 4, Apple Watch 6 set for release in November

It is yet another year of uncertainty for Apple Watch owners as the Apple Watch continues to be pushed back by major carriers and retailers, with the company having been pushing to get it on the market as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Apple has been busy pushing the device through its usual updates process, but with an Apple Watch coming to stores on November 21, it’s worth taking a look at the specifications and features.

In this article, we’re going to focus on the specs of the Apple watch 4 and the Apple WATCH 6.

The Apple watch series has been a big success with its range of models and accessories, and it’s hoped that Apple Watch series will continue to be successful.

As you may have noticed, the Applewatch series has a lot of specs in common with the iPhone series.

The only differences are that the Apple series has more storage and features, but the iPhone has more cameras and battery life.

Both models are powered by a new A11 chip that is based on a 20nm process and runs at a frequency of 2GHz.

The Apple Watch Series 3 uses the same processor as the Series 3, but it comes with 4GB of RAM, a 512MB storage option, a front facing camera and a rear facing camera.

The iPhone Series 3 also has a similar processor as well as a smaller 4GB RAM.

The Series 3 has a 3,200mAh battery and can be charged via USB.

Apple Watch users can expect to see a slightly higher price tag, at $349 for the 4GB model.

It’s worth noting that Apple will not include the headphone jack on the Apple Watches, as it would add another $100 to the price.

While the Apple watches series has not received much attention in the press, Apple is definitely not stopping at the iPhone.

The company is planning on releasing a version of the watch series with a camera sensor similar to that of the iPhone 4S, and the device will also feature a front and rear facing display.

There are some similarities between the two models as well.

Apple Watters have the ability to sync their watches with other Apple devices via Apple Pay, which means that they can sync to your smartphone via a simple NFC chip.

The new iPhone Series 4 will also include a rear-facing camera, which will let users take selfies and upload videos.

As far as cameras go, the iPhone will have a 13MP sensor and the Series 4 camera will have 16MP.

The Series 4 also has more flash than the Series 1, and Apple is aiming to add flash in future models.

The iPhone Series 2 will be the last Apple Watch model to receive a camera upgrade, but if you have a good iPhone 6 Plus, the Series 2 should be the one you want to pick up.

While it’s unlikely that Apple has released an iPhone series with the same camera sensor as the iPhone 5S, it is not impossible.

Apple has said that the iPhone 6 will feature a sensor that is 20% smaller than the iPhone Series 5 and that the Series 5 will also have a camera that is 40% smaller.

The two cameras will be housed in a glass panel and will be able to capture images in 4K resolution, while the Series 6 will have the same resolution as the original iPhone series, and will also be able at the same time to capture 1080p HD video.

Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch 5 are expected to have the front and back cameras replaced by a 16MP camera and an 8MP camera respectively.

The two models will also get an LED backlight, but no LED flash.

The rear camera will feature an LED flash, which is an upgrade over the LED flash found on the iPhone and Series 3.

The front and side cameras are both similar, with only one difference being that the rear camera has a brighter flash.

There is also a 2MP sensor in the front of the camera, and a 2.2MP sensor on the back of the device.

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