Apple Watch app to launch in Japan

YoKai Watch, the first kids watch app that aims to get kids interested in their gadgets, is launching in Japan this week, bringing it to the country’s largest cities.

The app will have over a million users in Japan by the end of October, the app’s creator, Shintaro Suzuki, said.

The first Japanese watch app is already in beta in the country, which means it’s available on Android and iOS.

In the app, kids can play games, make photos, upload videos, and share the latest news and news related to the kids’ device.

Suzuki said kids can also make apps to show off their gadgets to the public.

YoKae Watch will be free for children to use, but the app will be available to buy later.

Users can also upload photos, share music and videos, send and receive text messages, play games and watch videos, Suzuki said.

Yo Kai Watch will also include parental controls for kids.

Suzuki also said he wants to bring Yo Kae Watch to more countries.

Suzuki will launch Yo Kaa Watch on Oct. 21, and will expand the app to include more features and languages.

YoMio is the most popular kids app in Japan, with nearly 4.2 million users, according to data from app analytics firm App Annie.

In 2014, YoMie launched its own kids app called Yo Mio.

It was discontinued in 2016.

The YoMii app, launched in 2013, is similar to YoMai but is designed for older children.

Users of the app can also send text messages and play games.

In September, the company announced a deal with the U.S.-based Apple Watch startup iHeartRadio to make YoMi more compatible with the Watch’s features.

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