Why are we not seeing yokai films on Netflix?

Yokai Watch, the animated series that’s based on the Yoko Taro manga and the spin-off Yokohama, has been unavailable to stream on Netflix since last month.

The show was supposed to be available at least through the beginning of November, but Netflix has yet to release a new version of the service to date, with the only exception being a one-hour preview on Tuesday.

The company has not provided an official reason why Yokan Watch has not been released to Netflix yet.

Netflix did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

While Netflix is not the only streaming service to have not been able to release Yoka Watch, it is one of the few that has been in the news lately, with reports of Netflix pulling some shows from its catalogue after they were deemed inappropriate.

In the past, Netflix has been criticized for its lack of transparency about when it will bring Yokas to the streaming service.

Netflix has previously released the first episodes of its first season of the anime series, but only a handful of episodes have been released for free.

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