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Read moreApple Watch: What you need to knowThe Apple Watch is Apple’s first smartwatch, and it’s the first watch to be designed specifically for the iPhone.

The device can track your heart rate and blood pressure and automatically send messages when you need it.

But what’s different about the watch from the iPhone is its ability to track things like your calories burned and sleep patterns, and to automatically send them to Apple, not your phone.

The Watch is the first smart watch that can track all your activity, whether it’s on the go or in your bed.

It tracks the times you wake up, go to bed, and wake up again, which can help you keep track of the day.

And if you do get a bit too restless, the Apple watch will notify you by vibration, which is a great way to get back to bed.

Apple Watch is also the first Apple Watch to support Apple’s new HealthKit API, which enables third-party apps to integrate their own health-related information into your Apple Watch experience.

Apple’s HealthKit is the company’s first foray into wearable computing, and HealthKit allows third-parties to connect to the health-monitoring system and provide health-based recommendations.

Apple has previously said HealthKit will eventually enable Apple Watch developers to build their own apps, but it hasn’t said how far along that process is.

HealthKit lets developers use Health data to create customized health apps for their watches, and the watch can send data from HealthKit to other apps, including the iPhone, to help them better understand your health.

Apple has built the Apple Health app into the watch, and users can use HealthKit notifications to remind themselves to take their heart rate or blood pressure readings periodically.

Apple also announced a new Health app for the Apple TV in September.

HealthKit, HealthKit apps, and Apple Pay are all part of Apple’s Health app.

Health is also integrated into Apple Watch’s Health settings, which allows you to monitor your health with HealthKit.

Apple Health is an optional feature that can be turned off in HealthKit settings, but you can turn it on in Health app settings.

Health has also been integrated into the iPhone Health app, as well as the Apple Pay app, which lets you pay for items with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

If you are curious about the Health app or Apple Health, there are plenty of guides on the Apple website to help you get started.

If you’re interested in the Apple health app, there’s a guide here.

If HealthKit isn’t your thing, you can download HealthKit from the Apple App Store.

You can also check out my iPhone Health guide.

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