Which NFL QBs are on the rise?

The NFL season is finally here, and it’s time to look at the best quarterbacks in the league.

I’ve chosen to focus on quarterbacks with at least 100 career starts and a passing grade of at least 65.

I also tried to account for any additional starting and playing time that may have occurred during the offseason.

Here are my rankings of the top 10 quarterbacks in NFL history based on the following criteria:1.





Winning record.

As always, I also included a few caveats.

For example, a quarterback may have played in the NFL for more than two seasons, or had a lower average career completion percentage than his peers.

In those cases, I’ve also included the number of seasons played as well as any starting and/or playing time during the course of the season.3rd down passer rating is based on a quarterback’s completion percentage (excluding sacks) and his rating when he’s completing more than 30 percent of his passes.

The first two numbers are adjusted for opponent.4th down passer ratings are based on each quarterback’s rating on third and fourth down.5th down QB ratings are weighted for efficiency and efficiency over other quarterbacks.

The average rating of quarterbacks at their career level is also included in these calculations.6th and long passer ratings include a quarterback who has started more than three quarters of a game and completed at least 50 percent of all of his attempts.

7th down quarterbacks are weighted more heavily.8th down quarterback ratings include all quarterbacks who started more of a certain number of games.9th down and longer quarterback ratings are adjusted based on how many games were played between the first and second quarter of a season.10th and short quarterback ratings (for those who are not familiar with them) include all QBs who started a minimum of 10 games, and were at least 7 games over .500.

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