Tropical Storm Lila watches across the U.S.

A tropical storm is forming in the western United States, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to parts of the Midwest.

Lila is forecast to move through the Midwest Friday evening and Saturday night before it crosses the Atlantic on Sunday.

Weather models show it could produce gusts of up to 80 mph and winds up to 50 mph.LILA is expected to pass over the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday night, dumping about 5 to 10 inches of rain in several states.

The storm is expected in the Gulf and south of the Carolinas by Tuesday afternoon.

The National Weather Service says the storm is centered over the city of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

A tropical depression warning is in effect for parts of northern and central Wisconsin, as well as southeastern Wisconsin and northern Michigan.LILA is forecast from the coast of North Carolina, eastern North Carolina and eastern Tennessee.

It’s expected to track over southeastern Georgia, the Southeast, South Carolina and Alabama by Tuesday evening.

The storm is a combination of two systems: the Tropical Depression of Lila and Tropical Storm Lester.

Lilas strongest winds will be in the high 80s and low 90s, with gusts to 100 mph, according to forecasters.

The hurricane will continue to move west and east throughout the day, the National Weather Center said.

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