How Apple Watch could be a key part of the ‘millennium’ of gadgets for kids

Apple Watch is expected to make up about half of all new smartwatch shipments this year, according to data from research firm Strategy Analytics.

The company recently released a report on smartwatch sales, and it found that nearly 90% of all smartwatch units shipped in 2017 are made by Fitbit.

In fact, Fitbit is the only smartwatch maker with a market share of at least 20% in the smartwatch market.

Fitbit, which is based in San Francisco, shipped more than 2.3 million units of its Watch Style 2, a version of the watch with a circular design that has a battery and GPS sensor inside.

The Watch Style 3, released in August, is an all-new model with a larger, circular design.

Fitbit has said the new watch will be available in March for $349.

Apple Watch sales will continue to grow over the next several years, and the company has said that it expects to sell at least one million Apple Watches in 2019.

The company has also said that the Watch has already shipped more watches than any other smartwatch, and more than 100 million Apple Watch units have been sold.

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