This is the first time I’ve ever seen a whale watching video on youtube

A Norwegian whale watching event was captured on film by a fisherman, with the video showing a whale doing its thing in the ocean.

The footage was posted on YouTube on Tuesday, with several viewers taking the opportunity to share their own footage of the event.

A video posted on the Norwegian website Thesapir shows the fishermen taking part in a whale watch in the Barents Sea.

They said the fisherman was taking part with two other men in the boat when the whale was spotted near the edge of the boat.

“The whale came to the surface and started swimming away,” one of the men said in the video.

“There was a loud boom and it took off in a direction I couldn’t see.”

The video also shows the whale jumping into the water and following the fishermen, before it eventually disappears into the sea.

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence said the video was taken from a boat used by the Norwegian Coast Guard, who were conducting routine checks on the area.

“It is a unique event, and we don’t normally have such an experience.

The boat was operating in the area when the incident happened,” it said in a statement.”

A few of the crew members had to be taken to hospital for observation and they are now doing well.”

Mr Tore Berg, a spokesman for Norway’s coast guard, said the whale’s behavior was unusual.

“I think it is very important to respect the rules,” he said.

“We don’t do anything unusual.”

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