Why the Apple Watch isn’t a must-have

The Apple Watch is a great fitness watch and it’s a very good game and watch.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the most expensive watch on the market.

If you’ve got a $300 watch that costs $300, you may want to look elsewhere.

Best fitness watches for $300 to $1,000 are:The Fossil Q Founder , $299.99.

This is the most budget-friendly option, but it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles.

It’s also not as powerful or customizable as the Apple Band 2, which costs $199.99 and is also a bit more customizable.

The Pebble smartwatch costs $499.99 for two watches.

The Casio M4 ($499.98) is also an option.

The Apple TV with the $35-plus price tag ($299.98, $399.99, $499), however, is one of the best options for a high-end fitness watch.

The M4 can do some serious video editing.

If your money is really strapped, you might consider the Garmin Vivosmart.

The Vivosmall has the latest Apple Watch smartwatch software, and it includes a fitness tracker.

But it’s also pricier than the Apple watch, and while it can do a lot more than the Vivosport, the VivoStrap is a bit harder to put on.

If all else fails, check out the Casio Strap, which is a $99.99 watch with the newest version of the Watch OS.

It also comes with a wrist-worn fitness tracker that can be used to track distance and heart rate, as well as heart rate monitoring.

There’s also a $149.99 fitness band that works like the Casiosmall.

The Pebble Time (with Pebble logo) and Pebble Steel, $149 and $299, respectively.

These are both better fitness watches than the new Apple Watch, and both come with GPS and Bluetooth sensors.

The Steel is also more customizable than the Pebble, with a bigger battery and wireless charging.

The Time is also cheaper, but you’ll need to spend a little more on accessories.

If the price isn’t right for you, consider the Samsung Gear Live, which has a $200 price tag.

The Fitbit Charge HR , $199, $299 and $499, respectively, are good options for the less expensive Apple Watch.

The Fitbit Flex , $249, $379 and $399, respectivelyThe Fitge, $249 and $199The Apple Watch Plus , $549 and $599For more information on Apple Watch and fitness, check the Apple website or watchOS app.

For a quick guide on how to use your Apple Watch to track your workouts, check this tutorial.

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