Apple Watch 3: Apple Watch meets Moto 360

Watch Gang, the popular Apple Watch app for iOS, was updated with a new update on Thursday, November 30th.

The update brings a new look to Watch Gang’s Watch app and includes a new watchface design.

The update brings an updated look to the Watch Gang Watch app, as well as some new watch faces, like a “Moto 360” watchface.

The new watch face also shows a new feature for accessing the WatchGang Watch app on iPhone.

It shows a full screen version of Watch Gang and shows a notification bar at the bottom.

The watchface update also includes a brand new logo.

The watch face, a design based on the Watch Band, will be available for purchase in the Apple Watch Store.

It has been removed from the Watch App Store, and Watch Gang users are advised to get the WatchBand version.

A brand new watch Face was also added to the watch app.

Watch Gang has been one of WatchGangs favorite apps ever since its release on Apple Watch.

You can find it on the watch section of the app, and you can also search for it in the app.

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