When you want a tattoo that’s 100% digital, Google is here to help—and it’s already working with Apple to make it possible for you to do it

Posted November 19, 2019 05:53:08When you want to get a tattoo done digitally, you’re going to need a device that’s compatible with Apple’s new fingerprint reader.

Apple announced at its WWDC conference that its new iOS 9.3.2 update will let you “see the tattoos in your gallery” and “tap to create a personalized tattoo that will show up on your watch or smartphone.”

“It’s the first time you can get tattoos in a way that’s truly digital, with an interactive tattooing experience,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the announcement.

In a separate demo, Apple showed off the app that will let users get tattoos of various characters from the comic book “Uncanny X-Men” and other popular media, as well as characters from “Doctor Who.”

While it’s unclear exactly how the new feature will work, Cook said the tattoo is “part of a collection of new tattoos” that Apple will “provide to you at no cost.”

You’ll be able to choose from multiple options and get to pick one of them.

You’ll also be able “taste the ink, and even get the chance to touch it to your skin to make your own personalized tattoo.”

Apple says the feature is available in all iOS 9 versions and that it will be rolling it out to the rest of its devices as soon as it can.

This new tattooing system isn’t limited to just Apple products.

As of right now, you can already get tattoos from Amazon and Amazon Prime members.

Apple has said that it plans to support other third-party retailers and services in the future.

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