Longines watches watch for $1,800-per-piece: $1.800-a-piece

Longines, the Swiss watch company founded by brothers Jan and Thomas Juller, has introduced its first-ever watches for less than $1K for its watch collection.

The watches are the latest to go up for pre-order on Longines’ website, priced at $1,-800 each, or $1.,800 per piece.

The watch collection features a few of the company’s latest creations, including the Lutens, a high-end watch with a rotating bezel, and the Luek, a quartz-covered watch with an LCD display.

Longines says it is the first to offer this kind of limited edition in the US.

The Lueks are expected to ship in September.

The company’s watches, which are available at select stores, are made of 316L stainless steel, and are available in a range of models.

They include the Lüttel, a large, 42mm watch with luminous hands, a chronograph movement, a crown, and a GMT crystal.

It comes in three versions, ranging from $1 to $1 ,800, depending on the model.

The $1-a and $1-$1.8L watches feature a rotating, bezel-mounted chronograph.

Each is made of titanium, which is a ceramic-rich mineral, and features an AMS-grade sapphire crystal.

The Chronograph, which features a luminous bezel with a moving chronograph mechanism, is made up of a chronometer, the lume, and an automatic power reserve system.

The price tag for the $1L watches is $1 a piece, or about $2,000.

The prices range from $4,400 to $5,000 depending on model.

The $1 and $2L watches are available only in two colors, black and white.

The chronograph is available in both black and gold.

Each Lutene comes in a different style, with either a bezel or a rotating crown.

The case of the Lure, which has the same bezel as the Lute, has a curved, lume-like dial.

A circular bezel is located on the front of the watch.

The Luten is a watch with the rotating bevel, which makes the hands rotate.

Each of the lugs on the watch are connected to the bevel by a lever.

The hands can be moved freely, but the watch does not have a bevel.

The movement has a rotating speed of 20 seconds per day, or 3,000 revolutions per hour.

The bracelet is made from titanium, and is covered with a black nylon strap.

The lume is a white light that reflects light into the wearer’s eyes, and can be customized with different colors.

The display is a circular, AMS crystal with an anti-reflective coating.

The watches are made by a company called Longines.

The brand was founded in 1992 and was founded on the belief that watches are not only functional, but beautiful.

They are elegant in their design and aesthetic.

It’s not just about being beautiful, it’s about being functional.

It is very important to Longines that it is designed to last, and in order to achieve this, they use traditional materials.

The name comes from the initials Lutenses, meaning “light and sound.”

The watch is built using the same materials as the watches worn by the Jullers.

The Jullens have also launched a line of premium wristwatches.

Their Longines collection includes a chrono-drum, the Lutz, which comes in black and gray, as well as the “Longines Chronograph” and the “Lute.”

It is the only chrono watch on the market for less money than the Lutes, but it has a different dial and movement.

The Longines Lutén is priced at just $3,000, or the same price as the Chronographs, but with a lume of white.

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