What are the differences between the watches that go into Garmin’s golf watch?

Garmin has released a new golf watch that will come in two variants, the Golf 1 and the Golf 2.

Both watches have a strap that allows the wearer to use a grip to move the watch around and also allows the watch to be worn in the palm of one hand.

The golf watch will be priced at £250 and will come with the latest Garmin GPS watches and Android Wear watches.

The Golf 1 is priced at €350 and comes with the Garmin GPS and Android devices.

The Golf 2 will be available in black or grey and has a black strap and white dial.

The new Golf 2 comes with a black or white leather strap and a black dial.

Garmin has been releasing more golf watches in recent years, but this is the first watch that can be worn with gloves.

The company is launching the Golf 3, a sport watch that offers a range of fitness features including a heart rate monitor and wrist band, a fitness tracker, and a heart monitor and a battery that can last a long time.

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