Watch the Swiss Army Watch: The Tissot’s unique Swiss Army watch collection

The Tisseot’s Swiss Army watches are all designed with a single purpose in mind.The company began with a basic watchmaking approach: creating watches that are built to last.The T1 was built to go anywhere, and is now the company’s most sought after model.“It’s not just about looking good,” Tisseots VP of marketing, John Ritchie, told […]

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a whale watching video on youtube

A Norwegian whale watching event was captured on film by a fisherman, with the video showing a whale doing its thing in the ocean.The footage was posted on YouTube on Tuesday, with several viewers taking the opportunity to share their own footage of the event.A video posted on the Norwegian website Thesapir shows the fishermen […]

Cartier to sell $2 billion in US watch business, Incredibles movie and video game maker says

Cartier has agreed to sell its Watch division to Incredictions Entertainment, which will acquire the watch company for about $2.4 billion.The sale includes the video game franchise of Cartier and Increditions, and includes a number of assets, including video game development studios, digital distribution and publishing companies and an interactive entertainment company, Incd.The transaction is […]

Michael Kors watches a watch for the first time in years

Michael Kor has spent the past few weeks sporting a pair of Omega watches, a pair he has been wearing on the job for the past nine years.The designer’s first foray into the fashion world came in the mid-1990s when he was working as a designer for the American brand J.Crew.But after three years of […]

Watch series io: Anne Klein on the ‘unsung heroine’ of the Olympics

Anne Klein, the longtime sports reporter for NBC Sports, is joining NBC’s Sportscenter as a co-anchor.Klein is known for her frequent sports commentary and reports on the women’s and children’s sports, and she’ll also be contributing to the studio for its new Olympics coverage.She joined NBC from CBS.Klein joined NBC in 2011 and spent the […]

How to get your Fitbit and Apple Watch on your wrist

Watch box: Watch directv Watch directiv Watch battery: Watch battery directv watch directiv Apple Watch battery-free watch box: Apple Watch without Apple Watch box source The Verge title Watch box review: Apple’s first smartwatch is a must-have for those who want a fitness watch article Watch directViz Watch box, watch directv Apple Watch batteries-free smartwatch […]

Apple Watch Price Drops to $499, $499.99 on Apple Store

Axios is reporting that the new Apple Watch will cost $499 on the Apple Store, down from $499 this week. The cheapest Apple Watch price is the $699 version. Apple’s latest product line will be available for pre-order in the United States starting on Wednesday. Pre-orders for the Apple Watch in the US are now open. On the heels […]

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