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Why the iPhone 6 is the best Android smartwatch you can buy

Apple has released its newest flagship Android smart watch.The iPhone 6, which is available on September 16, is priced at $699.99.However, if you want a more expensive Android smart Watch, you can pre-order one for just $699 through the App Store.We’ll be reviewing the new Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Pay […]

How to get your Fitbit and Apple Watch on your wrist

Watch box: Watch directv Watch directiv Watch battery: Watch battery directv watch directiv Apple Watch battery-free watch box: Apple Watch without Apple Watch box source The Verge title Watch box review: Apple’s first smartwatch is a must-have for those who want a fitness watch article Watch directViz Watch box, watch directv Apple Watch batteries-free smartwatch […]

How to Watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron Now That Netflix Is Streaming it exclusively via WatchESPN

You know that annoying feeling when your cable subscription starts to feel like a lifetime?It happens when you can’t get a connection to the internet.You watch the movies, you binge-watch the shows, you play a few rounds of Overwatch, but your connection doesn’t seem to be improving.It’s like you’re in the middle of watching something […]

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